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heather court rules.

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There is a giant pile of sticks in front of our house.

Actually, it’s a pile of branches that fell off of the beautiful trees that surround our home during the ice storm that hit us on Friday.

It was such a strange day, hearing the cracks of the trees and the branches falling to the ground. Opening the door, wondering where it fell. Hoping that nothing was crushed underneath. All day long.

Then, Saturday. Highs in the 60’s. Chainsaws were buzzing by 8 a.m. Neighbors helping neighbors. Pulling things down that were hanging. Cutting things up that were too big to carry. Dragging limbs and pieces of trees to the street. Everyone. Young and old. All day long.

Now we are left with a HUGE pile. Everyone has one. Ours is the biggest on the street, because we worked with our neighbors to create one pile. At the end of the cul-de-sac, there is only so much room for piles.

I look at that pile and think about how hard we worked. How much we all hurt on Sunday from the sheer labor of it all. How much pizza we all ate on Saturday night. In the dark. In one of our driveways with a folding table, a case of water, more than a case of beer, and a box of capri-suns.

We have pictures of ourselves in front of that big pile. Of our kids on top of it. That pile of sticks, branches, and trees will probably be there for a while. We live in a small town with one pick-up crew and one mulching truck. And everyone has one.

But ours is the best.


testing, testing…

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It has been so long since I’ve blogged that I couldn’t remember my blog’s name. And when I remembered I thought, “hmm-that was clever”.

I’m not totally sure that the crazy thoughts I have in my head EXACTLY fit the blog anymore, BUT…..

I’m going to get organized. And I’ll be back.

Warning: there is a lot brewing in this sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated mind.

Sorry in advance.


nothing doing…

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I should start out by saying that the whole exercising thing just really isn’t happening.

There are so many things I could blame it on…I still have a baby that gets up at least once a night to eat…I have a husband who leaves around 7 a.m. and sometimes gets home after 8 p.m…and if he is home earlier than that, it’s usually because we are splitting time between various activities and getting the baby to bed and dinner and taking care of the dogs….and now that I have three kiddos home with me every day, there is no way for me to take walks, since I don’t own a TRIPLE stroller, and I don’t think that pushing my 7 year old is very feasible anyway.

But, I know that I could fit it in. Or at least I know that I should. So, hopefully I’ll figure that all out.

And while we are on the subject of confessions…I just turned 36. I am not one to care how old I am. But, suddenly? I feel a little old. And I look at pictures of myself and, MAN!!!, I am looking older. And I’m not really a make-up-wearer or fancy-cream-user or hair-doer, so I don’t really feel like I have the tools or where-with-all to hide this whole aging thing. Or improve what’s going on. At all. Or really the bank account to go all trial-and-error with the expensive products. And it leaves me feeling a little helpless. Sad to say.

I feel like I am at the time in my life where my kids ARE my life. And that is what I want. Truly, it is. I have always wanted that (though my actions in my twenties may not have indicated such).

But I am also at a total crossroads. Am I too old to wear skinny jeans? Can I have ombre hair (and, really, do I want it?)? Will I forever look pregnant if I continue to wear tunics and loose tops?, because I love them SO MUCH. Will I ever again find a t-shirt that is not ill-fitting around my waist? Will we ever have enough extra cash-money for me to finally get my legs vein-free, or will I continue the maxi dress trend (thank GOD for it!) long after it’s done?

And will I ever, ever, EVER loose these last 15 pounds? And does it matter? And why is it so hard?

And mostly, why can’t I stop worrying about it? There are so many other things I could think about. Probably.

On another note, similar in that it has to do with my birthday (36, in case you forgot!)…my husband gave me a subscription to Hulu+ for my birthday. So, I am currently catching up on the last season of Parenthood (which for some reason didn’t record on our DVR, causing quite an emotional stir in this house!). So, crying a lot, but also trying to not be astonished at how much I relate to Kristina Braverman (not her struggle with cancer, which is causing all the crying, but with her life in general). And how much I envy all of her tunics.

So, probably I should watch less t.v., cancel Hulu+, and use the money to buy some anti-aging cream. But that’s too easy. So, I know it wouldn’t work…


slack-time’s over…

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So, yeah. This whole blog thing. Let’s pretend I’ve just been really busy. Which I have been. But with exactly what? I just am not sure.

3 kids.

Constant disorganization.

2 giant, dirty, crazy, still-sort-of-puppy dogs.




Yes to all. Times a million.

But enough of that. Moving on…

How did it become the end of the school year? My middle is done next Tuesday (with a party on Thursday, but still)! My oldest is only in it for another 2ish weeks after that.

Which means there will be two weeks of CONSTANTLY entertaining the middle. With little help.

How did the smallest just turn 6 months old? And does my doctor REALLY think I’m going to encourage him to crawl? Hellz no.

Can you believe that I up-and-decided to start running again? And by this, I mean that I jogged for a minute or two, then walked a minute or two, for a total of about 30 minutes.

Here’s the harder thing to believe- I REALLY LIKED IT. Probably for the first time ever. Yep, I didn’t even like it when I ran 26 miles in a row. Not much of a bit. At all.

Not sure if that will stick, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

Another hard thing to believe…Weight Watchers really has worked pretty well for me. To quote a wise friend, “I guess that Jennifer Hudson really knows what she’s talking about”. Ha.

Of course, I should have written a post about that a few weeks ago, before my three week plateau that may or may not have been because I sort of just gave in and ate and drank what I wanted most days. Still, I’ve started to lose a little again.

But it’s summer. And let me tell you, my good friend beer stops by quite regularly during the warm months. He’s not shy. And he’s so cold and tasty.

So, I must exercise. And apparently I’ll try running for a while.

I feel like I have so much to tell you. But it’s Sunday, so I have to finish folding and putting away laundry.

I mean, did you think I was going to say that I had to REST?

Anyway, I have to finish the laundry. So that my friend beer can come over to play.



a list for monday…

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Because list-making is the new blogging, didn’t you know!?

1. I feel like I can share the fact that my husband had a computer server blow up in his face last week. It involved several eye doctor trips, no less than 8 different eye medications, and a lot of complaining about eye drops. I can say this now because it seems that his eye will be fine. Who knew that computer-work could be so dangerous?!

2. This “event”, as it shall be called, put us into a state of chaos last week. He couldn’t drive because we had to keep his eyes dialated for 48 hours, which mean school and extracurricular activites times 2 kids (and with one infant) were on me. He wasn’t at work, but he couldn’t really play with the kids. Which confused them. Which caused whining. Which exhausted me. Which meant we went through an AWFUL lot of wine last week.

3. I am eating brussel sprouts for about the 5th time in a week tonight. I have FINALLY perfected the roasting of them in only a SLIGHT bit of olive oil (causing them to “cost” me very few weight watchers points even when I eat 40 of them). Yum. I can’t believe that I used to HATE them. Ridiculous.

4. I made my husband eat a brussel sprout last week. He still hates them.

5. I have apparently decided that any pang of hungry is a reason to make/drink coffee. It is also no points (in weight watcher world now, sorry), even if you put a little bit of yummy creamer in it, it’s only one. So, not only am I going to need coffee as much as I need wine, but I also now understand why skinny people drink it all the time. Or why people who drink it all the time can be skinny. However that works.

6. What I’m saying here, folks, is that I drink coffee throughout the day (along with my other addiction, fizzy water from my soda stream- at least 3 liter bottles a day, so don’t yell at me about my well-being) and then move into wine. Can’t say I’m not well-hydrated. And folks always know what I need if they are looking for a gift…or what they can expect to have to drink if they just come to visit.

I am sort of boring myself now, so I’ll leave you with this:

7. I finally bought some new hair products, so as soon as I manage to shower and have time to dry/style my hair I’ll report on how they work. Which may be next year.

oscar monday…

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…or the post after my husband was gone for a week.

Good Morning! Let me tell you about three things that I take for granted:

1- How wonderful it is to NOT be a single parent. I have (even more) mad respect for those who have done/do that. Including my mother!

2- How nice it is that my husband takes my child to school (30 minutes away!) every morning on his way to work. Meaning that I don’t have to be ready at 7:15 with all three of my children dressed, fed, lunch packed, etc. to take him there every day.

3- Having someone to share extracurricular activity drop off/wait/pick up/etc. responsibilities with.

I do know that 2 and 3 fall directly under 1, but they all needed to be said.

Needless to say, having three kiddos (one of them still an infant) and being left to parent on your own is not for the faint of heart. Particularly when you aren’t used to it. Probably not ever.


And, of course, on a totally other note, last night was the oscars.

I watched them all.

Summation: The singing made me aggravated. Jennifer Garner made me happy/jealous/happy. I love beards on men. I think monologues from the hosts of awards shows are totally overrated and unnecessary. People who get a lot of (noticeable) plastic surgery in Hollywood are pretty much a rough looking bunch. Quentin Tarantino is bat-shizz-crazy. Adele is awesome and beautiful and it seems like people are very hesitant to criticize her fashion choices and I am guessing it’s because they don’t want to get a rep for picking on the bigger-than-size-6 crowd. I mean, she looked amazing, but it’s hard to believe that no one on E!’s red carpet special had ANYTHING critical to say. Bradley Cooper bringing his mom to the awards and helping her through her red carpet interviews did nothing to assuage the intensity of crush I have on him. The way they tried to “lighten up” the ceremony was really sort of cheesy and ridiculous. I mean, I love Mark Wahlberg, but the Ted thing…ugh. I know I already mentioned the singing…but Chicago and Dream Girls probably didn’t need tributes, or reinactments, or whatever was going on there. Though I do love seeing JHud sing. I am sure my crankiness could have been directly attributed to the fact that I ate pizza for dinner and didn’t have enough points* left over to have much wine while watching.

I am sure there is more to say, but I need more coffee since the awards lasted till midnight and I have the abovementioned infant waking me up around 3, if not at 2 and 5, every night. He doesn’t care that there was an awards show on last night. Although he was transfixed by Reese Witherspoon…and I don’t blame him.


*silly weight watchers.

rain and cold: a rambling.

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I am a lover of fall. And most of winter.

I really, really, really love when it gets dark early.

But, admittedly, I like an hour or two of sunshine every now and then.

Unless it’s during the five o’clock hour, when the sun shines “just right” through the windows and doors and shows off all the dust that we manage to collect around here.

Even when I just dusted this morning. Or whenever.

And cold rain isn’t for me.

Really, rain isn’t for me. Just because we never have rain coats or rain boots in the right sizes around here. Times 3. Or times 5 if you include adults. That’s a lot of ill-fitting rain gear.

So, I guess I won’t move to Seattle. But I think that if someone said “here’s a job for your husband and a really awesome house out in Portland” I would get on out there in a heartbeat. And visit Seattle a lot. Because I really do love it there. And I want a reason to own some Hunter boots. In original green, so they are “bargain” priced.

Speaking of Seattle, though, I think I need some coffee.

Because it’s cold and rainy here. And I have kids and whatnot and can’t just lay around and watch movies like “in the good old days”.

And I’m old enough to say “in the good old days” and really mean “back when I was young”.

So, I think I’ll go get some coffee so that I can try to fold three loads of laundry before I pick up my middle child from school.

And then take him through the McDonald’s drive-thru because I promised him that I would if he would wear his ill-fitting rain coat to school today. Without complaining.

He wants to go to McDonald’s because he wants to get the Hello Kitty happy meal. I love this about him.

He is my child. He dances to commercial jingles, loves Hello Kitty, wants to read piles and piles of books every day, and really enjoys a good home improvement store.

The end.