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Here’s something about me- I think it’s totally going to jinx something if I start it on a 1st or a Monday. Which is probably irrational.
I also think that in order to start, say…a diet, I have to get all the food that is bad for me that I would eat if given a chance out of the house.
And by that, I probably mean that I need to eat it. Before starting a diet. On which I hope to lose some weight. From eating all this stuff.

Ooooohhhh, cycles.

Also, I hate the word “diet”.

It means that I’m going to be hungry and cranky and hard to be around.

So, probably I should just say that I’m going to make some changes to how I’m eating (which is still like I’m preggo- which I haven’t been for 3 months). Maybe I’ll monitor a little bit more. Maybe I won’t finish the food left on my kids’ plates from dinner. Probably I don’t NEED dessert after both lunch AND dinner.

Honestly, I’ll join Weight Watchers. It worked some after I had Hobbes. And some after I had Finn. Just got me down a bit at a time. Nothing drastic, but it worked. Though I never really got “back to where I was before”. Not that I’m dwelling on the past. More like learning from experience. And knowing what works for me in the long run.

Anyway. Since it’s not a 1st (it’s February 5th) and not a Monday (it’s a Tuesday!), today should be the day.

But I just finished off the buffalo chicken dip (with celery, though! not chips!).

So, tomorrow will be the day! Yay changes! Yay vegetables! Yay for saving points for wine at the end of the day! Yay for possibly wearing something other than yoga pants and still being able to breathe!

Yay Yay Yay!


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