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valentine’s day…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know that people have mixed emotions about this day. I have always liked it.

When I was younger, it was a special day usually celebrated with my father’s mother- my Nana. She and I shared a love of anything with hearts.

I had a heart bedspread. She found a heart shaped laundry basket. My first piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s was a heart bracelet.

I still wear that bracelet every day.

In any case, I’ve never really had an aversion to this day.

And sure, there were years when I went to dinner with a girl friend or two and we bashed boys in general, because welltheysucked.

And certainly there were some dates with boys that were, um, lackluster. But expectations are HIGH when you are first dating/young/skinnyandlovetoeatchocolateonholidays!

But now I’ve got kids. And a husband. And I buy them all candy and little trinkets and make them cards that all greet them on the kitchen table in the morning.

Then I smile and make a dramatic statement about OF COURSE I DON’T MIND THAT YOU ALL GOT SOMETHING AND I ONLY GET HUGS AND KISSES!

(womp womp)

Then I let them eat some of their candy. Because I am mom of the year and want to see how crazy they can make their teachers today.

Then (at least today) I drool and moan and groan because (DUMMY!) I gave up dessert food/candy/the like for Lent.

Later I’ll help with the kiddos’ school parties. Then I’ll drink wine with my youngest while their Daddy gifts me with 2 hours of free time (free time with an infant, but still) and takes the oldest two to Tae Kwon Do.

And in all honesty, the hubs and I will probably get take out for dinner. But HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ME! that means that I don’t have to cook or clean up the kitchen! And that I can stay in my comfy clothes! And that we can catch up on some TV!

So, in conclusion, Happy Heart Day! Eat lots of chocolate! Don’t buy the super overpriced flowers! Drink wine! Wear red!



weekend lessons…

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1. When I use the guest bed (which is in the nursery, btw) as a dumping ground for clean laundry, the whole weekend goes by without any folding. Which results in what seems to be hours of laundry folding and putting away for Monday morning. Unfortunate.

2. Faith Hill has braces.

3. Prince dresses up for no one. And also has a cane. And looked incredibly UNshort (although I know that he’s barely 5 feet tall). Double lesson/reminder: famous folks are short. Except for this guy. Swoon.

4. When on Weight Watchers, I tend to hoard points so that I can have alcohol. I am not sure what this says about me, except that I OBVIOUSLY have my priorities straight.

5. I love the Lumineers. Apparently so does all of Hollywood.

6. There are many virtuoso’s in the music world. Including a sitar virtuoso. I wish to be a virtuoso.

7. Folks cover Elton John songs in spanish.

8. Congested babies like to be awake from 2 til 5 a.m. Approximately.

9. Little boys’ haircuts go a lot faster with clippers. And a lot shorter.

10. I will never sleep in again. This is something I’ve known for a while, but I re-learn it every. single. weekend.

Happy Monday!

starting things…

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Here’s something about me- I think it’s totally going to jinx something if I start it on a 1st or a Monday. Which is probably irrational.
I also think that in order to start, say…a diet, I have to get all the food that is bad for me that I would eat if given a chance out of the house.
And by that, I probably mean that I need to eat it. Before starting a diet. On which I hope to lose some weight. From eating all this stuff.

Ooooohhhh, cycles.

Also, I hate the word “diet”.

It means that I’m going to be hungry and cranky and hard to be around.

So, probably I should just say that I’m going to make some changes to how I’m eating (which is still like I’m preggo- which I haven’t been for 3 months). Maybe I’ll monitor a little bit more. Maybe I won’t finish the food left on my kids’ plates from dinner. Probably I don’t NEED dessert after both lunch AND dinner.

Honestly, I’ll join Weight Watchers. It worked some after I had Hobbes. And some after I had Finn. Just got me down a bit at a time. Nothing drastic, but it worked. Though I never really got “back to where I was before”. Not that I’m dwelling on the past. More like learning from experience. And knowing what works for me in the long run.

Anyway. Since it’s not a 1st (it’s February 5th) and not a Monday (it’s a Tuesday!), today should be the day.

But I just finished off the buffalo chicken dip (with celery, though! not chips!).

So, tomorrow will be the day! Yay changes! Yay vegetables! Yay for saving points for wine at the end of the day! Yay for possibly wearing something other than yoga pants and still being able to breathe!

Yay Yay Yay!

five for friday: february first edition….

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1. Today is the day to “Go Red for Women” , and hopefully you all wore your red to help fight back against heart disease in women. I did. I also am drinking a large glass of red wine. Red and heart healthy. Double whammy.

2. I went to Old Navy (dragging all three kiddos) to make a return today. And left with this dress for only $12. And a couple of other tops-long-enough-to-cover-my-arse for pretty cheap. Make note that I “needed” this dress because I have a brand new pair of spanx-type leggings to wear with such things. They fit fine. If they did what they are “supposed” to do, I’d never take them off, though. So, that’s that.

3. This is February. The month that I will join Weight Watchers. And lose my baby weight like Jessica Simpson. Maybe my boobs will stay big like hers! Maybe I will be able to look cute in denim and plaid! But maybe I WON’T get pregnant right after I lose all my baby weight! And maybe I’ll lose all my baby weight. And I’m talking about ALL THREE BABIES WORTH! Do you hear me, Weight Watchers? How about you, Jessica Simpson?

4. This is the month that I will start complaining about being hungry, and hopefully will have some tasty food to share with you all. Because see #3 above.

5. I have chosen my 5K date. It’s April 13th. God help me. But fun stories of torture and slow running ahead for you, for sure!


i can be like nike…

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This is the year, folks. The year that I’m going to “just do it”. That’s right. Me and Nike.

Getting it done.


I’m afraid that I’ve turned into a girl that’s a lot of talk and not a lot of action.

I feel certain that my husband would have some sort of rude and innappropriate comment to insert here.

But truthfully, I could use a little help with my follow through on attainable, if not silly, things.

I have always said a lot of things. And now I’m going to start doing these things.

Today I started my quest for the ultimate cookie recipe. Super tasty. Somewhat healthy (for cookies anyway). Easy enough to keep around.

Because I want to be the mom that has homemade cookies in her house.

Along with homemade granola bars.

Because…why not?

Of course I also have to turn into the person that gets so much joy out of cooking/baking/making that she has no need to actually EAT the
baked goods, etc. Do those people exist? If so, they cannot be my friend. Unless, like me, they are actually just too full from eating batter
to eat the actual finished product. That’s acceptable.

five for friday…

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1. I am thinking about buying an electric frying pan. Because one of my goals for this year is to learn how to make really, really good fried chicken. The kind that you shake in a paper bag. The kind that would make your southern Nana proud! Of course, one of my other goals is to lose baby-weight-plus-some. But weight watchers promises that you can live your regular life and lose, right? I am going to take them up on that come February. Fried chicken and all.

2. I am looking into doing the Hulu Plus month-long trial (for free) just so that I can watch Season 4 of Parenthood when I finish Season 3 on Netflix.

3. I want to be like Kristina Braverman. And yes, I realize that some pretty rough shizz happens to her in the current (or just ended) season of the show. I like her husband. I want her clothes (where DOES she find all those great tunics?!), her hairdo that does that little not-flat little bit up in the front thing, and most specifically her red barstools that sit at her kitchen island.

4. I can’t seem to move my baby into his own room. He sleeps in a pack-and-play in our room. I had both of my other kiddos moved out by 6-8 weeks. We are on week 11 and I see no move in sight. He’s my last baby. And I like not having to leave my room to feed him at night. He’s so cute! I don’t have to vacuum the part of the room where his bed sits! All sorts of reasons.

5. We are having some “wintry mix” excitement today. Finn is already home- he had school for approximately 55 minutes today. Ha. Give or take. Hobbes is getting picked up by his dad as we speak. Then we will all be happy to be home together for about 45 minutes. Then I’ll park the boys in front of the Wii, put on the Moby wrap and tuck the baby inside, and start the wine countdown. I think that 5 o’clock comes way earlier when there is snow on the ground.

Happy Friday, y’all.

jiggity jig

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I took a semi-impromptu trip to see my brother and his family this weekend. I took Emmett (the baby- 11 weeks today!), as we are almost literally inseperable, and boogied on down the road with my mom. The trip was good. This third baby is so…different/much easier/less scary…good. Mom and I got to chat all our chitter out during the down and back. We were there for about 36 hours. Maybe.

Now that I’m back, I realize that my intense need to stay home almost all the time is not for nothing.

I have been doing laundry for 12 hours (1/3 of the time I was gone!).

The dishes that were on the counter (clean and drying, but still) when I left just got put away (by me).

My bed was unmade! Probably since I left!

And I made it up just an hour before I got into it. I don’t get into unmade beds to sleep. Is it just me? They aren’t as comfy. And the sheets aren’t as cool and soft.

Hobbes didn’t remember to take his homework notebook and folder back to school after the long weekend.

Finn seems to think (all of the sudden) that cookies are an appropriate breakfast food.

All the frozen waffles are gone (probably why the cookies have been substituted).

The Christmas tree lights (that need to be gone through and wrapped up) are still on the front porch along with the tree stand (that was drying out so that it could be put in the attic).

Luckily, we fit in a trip to Trader Joe’s while we were in Charleston visiting, so I have plenty of wine to drink.