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My name is Katie Kilgariff. I am 35. A southern mother to three boys. A wife to a wonderful man who is, for better or worse, a huge football fan. A sister and a daughter. An addict of: television,, vacuuming, facebook, yoga pants. A lover of: books, wine, good beer, gossip, clean laundry. I love my life all of the time, though I may be in the middle of losing my mind on any given day. I am writing this blog to try to capture my life. Right now. Recognizing that there are many, many, many things and people that have made my life what it is. For example, I once ran a marathon while being a pretty good mother to two boys. You can read all about that on my “old” blog – RunThisLife. I am sure I will reference the way-back-when. The yesterday. How can I not? But this, my friends, is my attempt to live in the now. To live forward. To not dwell. To not make excuses based on things that have happened in the past. Because this is today. And tomorrow is looking pretty damn good, too. Welcome to it.


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