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Because list-making is the new blogging, didn’t you know!?

1. I feel like I can share the fact that my husband had a computer server blow up in his face last week. It involved several eye doctor trips, no less than 8 different eye medications, and a lot of complaining about eye drops. I can say this now because it seems that his eye will be fine. Who knew that computer-work could be so dangerous?!

2. This “event”, as it shall be called, put us into a state of chaos last week. He couldn’t drive because we had to keep his eyes dialated for 48 hours, which mean school and extracurricular activites times 2 kids (and with one infant) were on me. He wasn’t at work, but he couldn’t really play with the kids. Which confused them. Which caused whining. Which exhausted me. Which meant we went through an AWFUL lot of wine last week.

3. I am eating brussel sprouts for about the 5th time in a week tonight. I have FINALLY perfected the roasting of them in only a SLIGHT bit of olive oil (causing them to “cost” me very few weight watchers points even when I eat 40 of them). Yum. I can’t believe that I used to HATE them. Ridiculous.

4. I made my husband eat a brussel sprout last week. He still hates them.

5. I have apparently decided that any pang of hungry is a reason to make/drink coffee. It is also no points (in weight watcher world now, sorry), even if you put a little bit of yummy creamer in it, it’s only one. So, not only am I going to need coffee as much as I need wine, but I also now understand why skinny people drink it all the time. Or why people who drink it all the time can be skinny. However that works.

6. What I’m saying here, folks, is that I drink coffee throughout the day (along with my other addiction, fizzy water from my soda stream- at least 3 liter bottles a day, so don’t yell at me about my well-being) and then move into wine. Can’t say I’m not well-hydrated. And folks always know what I need if they are looking for a gift…or what they can expect to have to drink if they just come to visit.

I am sort of boring myself now, so I’ll leave you with this:

7. I finally bought some new hair products, so as soon as I manage to shower and have time to dry/style my hair I’ll report on how they work. Which may be next year.


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  1. I am the only one in my family who likes brussels sprouts. One time, I paid Ava 25 cents to taste one. I’m clearly not above bribery. Or paying my children to try new things. She still doesn’t like them.


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