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1. When I use the guest bed (which is in the nursery, btw) as a dumping ground for clean laundry, the whole weekend goes by without any folding. Which results in what seems to be hours of laundry folding and putting away for Monday morning. Unfortunate.

2. Faith Hill has braces.

3. Prince dresses up for no one. And also has a cane. And looked incredibly UNshort (although I know that he’s barely 5 feet tall). Double lesson/reminder: famous folks are short. Except for this guy. Swoon.

4. When on Weight Watchers, I tend to hoard points so that I can have alcohol. I am not sure what this says about me, except that I OBVIOUSLY have my priorities straight.

5. I love the Lumineers. Apparently so does all of Hollywood.

6. There are many virtuoso’s in the music world. Including a sitar virtuoso. I wish to be a virtuoso.

7. Folks cover Elton John songs in spanish.

8. Congested babies like to be awake from 2 til 5 a.m. Approximately.

9. Little boys’ haircuts go a lot faster with clippers. And a lot shorter.

10. I will never sleep in again. This is something I’ve known for a while, but I re-learn it every. single. weekend.

Happy Monday!


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