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oscar monday…

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…or the post after my husband was gone for a week.

Good Morning! Let me tell you about three things that I take for granted:

1- How wonderful it is to NOT be a single parent. I have (even more) mad respect for those who have done/do that. Including my mother!

2- How nice it is that my husband takes my child to school (30 minutes away!) every morning on his way to work. Meaning that I don’t have to be ready at 7:15 with all three of my children dressed, fed, lunch packed, etc. to take him there every day.

3- Having someone to share extracurricular activity drop off/wait/pick up/etc. responsibilities with.

I do know that 2 and 3 fall directly under 1, but they all needed to be said.

Needless to say, having three kiddos (one of them still an infant) and being left to parent on your own is not for the faint of heart. Particularly when you aren’t used to it. Probably not ever.


And, of course, on a totally other note, last night was the oscars.

I watched them all.

Summation: The singing made me aggravated. Jennifer Garner made me happy/jealous/happy. I love beards on men. I think monologues from the hosts of awards shows are totally overrated and unnecessary. People who get a lot of (noticeable) plastic surgery in Hollywood are pretty much a rough looking bunch. Quentin Tarantino is bat-shizz-crazy. Adele is awesome and beautiful and it seems like people are very hesitant to criticize her fashion choices and I am guessing it’s because they don’t want to get a rep for picking on the bigger-than-size-6 crowd. I mean, she looked amazing, but it’s hard to believe that no one on E!’s red carpet special had ANYTHING critical to say. Bradley Cooper bringing his mom to the awards and helping her through her red carpet interviews did nothing to assuage the intensity of crush I have on him. The way they tried to “lighten up” the ceremony was really sort of cheesy and ridiculous. I mean, I love Mark Wahlberg, but the Ted thing…ugh. I know I already mentioned the singing…but Chicago and Dream Girls probably didn’t need tributes, or reinactments, or whatever was going on there. Though I do love seeing JHud sing. I am sure my crankiness could have been directly attributed to the fact that I ate pizza for dinner and didn’t have enough points* left over to have much wine while watching.

I am sure there is more to say, but I need more coffee since the awards lasted till midnight and I have the abovementioned infant waking me up around 3, if not at 2 and 5, every night. He doesn’t care that there was an awards show on last night. Although he was transfixed by Reese Witherspoon…and I don’t blame him.


*silly weight watchers.


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