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rain and cold: a rambling.

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I am a lover of fall. And most of winter.

I really, really, really love when it gets dark early.

But, admittedly, I like an hour or two of sunshine every now and then.

Unless it’s during the five o’clock hour, when the sun shines “just right” through the windows and doors and shows off all the dust that we manage to collect around here.

Even when I just dusted this morning. Or whenever.

And cold rain isn’t for me.

Really, rain isn’t for me. Just because we never have rain coats or rain boots in the right sizes around here. Times 3. Or times 5 if you include adults. That’s a lot of ill-fitting rain gear.

So, I guess I won’t move to Seattle. But I think that if someone said “here’s a job for your husband and a really awesome house out in Portland” I would get on out there in a heartbeat. And visit Seattle a lot. Because I really do love it there. And I want a reason to own some Hunter boots. In original green, so they are “bargain” priced.

Speaking of Seattle, though, I think I need some coffee.

Because it’s cold and rainy here. And I have kids and whatnot and can’t just lay around and watch movies like “in the good old days”.

And I’m old enough to say “in the good old days” and really mean “back when I was young”.

So, I think I’ll go get some coffee so that I can try to fold three loads of laundry before I pick up my middle child from school.

And then take him through the McDonald’s drive-thru because I promised him that I would if he would wear his ill-fitting rain coat to school today. Without complaining.

He wants to go to McDonald’s because he wants to get the Hello Kitty happy meal. I love this about him.

He is my child. He dances to commercial jingles, loves Hello Kitty, wants to read piles and piles of books every day, and really enjoys a good home improvement store.

The end.


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