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five for friday: february first edition….

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1. Today is the day to “Go Red for Women” , and hopefully you all wore your red to help fight back against heart disease in women. I did. I also am drinking a large glass of red wine. Red and heart healthy. Double whammy.

2. I went to Old Navy (dragging all three kiddos) to make a return today. And left with this dress for only $12. And a couple of other tops-long-enough-to-cover-my-arse for pretty cheap. Make note that I “needed” this dress because I have a brand new pair of spanx-type leggings to wear with such things. They fit fine. If they did what they are “supposed” to do, I’d never take them off, though. So, that’s that.

3. This is February. The month that I will join Weight Watchers. And lose my baby weight like Jessica Simpson. Maybe my boobs will stay big like hers! Maybe I will be able to look cute in denim and plaid! But maybe I WON’T get pregnant right after I lose all my baby weight! And maybe I’ll lose all my baby weight. And I’m talking about ALL THREE BABIES WORTH! Do you hear me, Weight Watchers? How about you, Jessica Simpson?

4. This is the month that I will start complaining about being hungry, and hopefully will have some tasty food to share with you all. Because see #3 above.

5. I have chosen my 5K date. It’s April 13th. God help me. But fun stories of torture and slow running ahead for you, for sure!



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