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i can be like nike…

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This is the year, folks. The year that I’m going to “just do it”. That’s right. Me and Nike.

Getting it done.


I’m afraid that I’ve turned into a girl that’s a lot of talk and not a lot of action.

I feel certain that my husband would have some sort of rude and innappropriate comment to insert here.

But truthfully, I could use a little help with my follow through on attainable, if not silly, things.

I have always said a lot of things. And now I’m going to start doing these things.

Today I started my quest for the ultimate cookie recipe. Super tasty. Somewhat healthy (for cookies anyway). Easy enough to keep around.

Because I want to be the mom that has homemade cookies in her house.

Along with homemade granola bars.

Because…why not?

Of course I also have to turn into the person that gets so much joy out of cooking/baking/making that she has no need to actually EAT the
baked goods, etc. Do those people exist? If so, they cannot be my friend. Unless, like me, they are actually just too full from eating batter
to eat the actual finished product. That’s acceptable.


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Mother of THREE. Lover of food. Beer drinker. Wine advocate. Television connoisseur. Bibliophile.

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