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1. I am thinking about buying an electric frying pan. Because one of my goals for this year is to learn how to make really, really good fried chicken. The kind that you shake in a paper bag. The kind that would make your southern Nana proud! Of course, one of my other goals is to lose baby-weight-plus-some. But weight watchers promises that you can live your regular life and lose, right? I am going to take them up on that come February. Fried chicken and all.

2. I am looking into doing the Hulu Plus month-long trial (for free) just so that I can watch Season 4 of Parenthood when I finish Season 3 on Netflix.

3. I want to be like Kristina Braverman. And yes, I realize that some pretty rough shizz happens to her in the current (or just ended) season of the show. I like her husband. I want her clothes (where DOES she find all those great tunics?!), her hairdo that does that little not-flat little bit up in the front thing, and most specifically her red barstools that sit at her kitchen island.

4. I can’t seem to move my baby into his own room. He sleeps in a pack-and-play in our room. I had both of my other kiddos moved out by 6-8 weeks. We are on week 11 and I see no move in sight. He’s my last baby. And I like not having to leave my room to feed him at night. He’s so cute! I don’t have to vacuum the part of the room where his bed sits! All sorts of reasons.

5. We are having some “wintry mix” excitement today. Finn is already home- he had school for approximately 55 minutes today. Ha. Give or take. Hobbes is getting picked up by his dad as we speak. Then we will all be happy to be home together for about 45 minutes. Then I’ll park the boys in front of the Wii, put on the Moby wrap and tuck the baby inside, and start the wine countdown. I think that 5 o’clock comes way earlier when there is snow on the ground.

Happy Friday, y’all.


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