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I took a semi-impromptu trip to see my brother and his family this weekend. I took Emmett (the baby- 11 weeks today!), as we are almost literally inseperable, and boogied on down the road with my mom. The trip was good. This third baby is so…different/much easier/less scary…good. Mom and I got to chat all our chitter out during the down and back. We were there for about 36 hours. Maybe.

Now that I’m back, I realize that my intense need to stay home almost all the time is not for nothing.

I have been doing laundry for 12 hours (1/3 of the time I was gone!).

The dishes that were on the counter (clean and drying, but still) when I left just got put away (by me).

My bed was unmade! Probably since I left!

And I made it up just an hour before I got into it. I don’t get into unmade beds to sleep. Is it just me? They aren’t as comfy. And the sheets aren’t as cool and soft.

Hobbes didn’t remember to take his homework notebook and folder back to school after the long weekend.

Finn seems to think (all of the sudden) that cookies are an appropriate breakfast food.

All the frozen waffles are gone (probably why the cookies have been substituted).

The Christmas tree lights (that need to be gone through and wrapped up) are still on the front porch along with the tree stand (that was drying out so that it could be put in the attic).

Luckily, we fit in a trip to Trader Joe’s while we were in Charleston visiting, so I have plenty of wine to drink.


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