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It snowed last night.

Actually, it THUNDER SNOWED last night. This is not something that I knew existed. So, when Brian Slocum started talking about it yesterday, I thought he sounded really ridiculous. I mean, like I giggled and told Emmett (my 10 week old who happened to be, um, attached to me at the time) that it was just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. But last night when I was tucking the boys into bed, after letting them watch it snow for a few minutes out the front door, I heard something that sounded like a tree falling into our house. I ran downstairs, expecting the worst. Apparently, though, it was thunder. Then some lightning. While it SNOWED. I seriously didn’t know what to say. So I apologized out loud to Mr. Slocum and went about my business.

The snow last night resulted in little boys wanting to play outside very early this morning. We have all the stuff needed to do so- thanks to a serious sale on snow gear at Target last year that “encouraged” me to buy snow pants in every boys size there is- so we were prepared. So I got Hobbes (he’s 6) and Finn (he’s 4) bundled up and woke up the hubs to take them outside. I do, after all, have an infant to take care of.

They went out. They played. Finn’s pants fell down because they are too big. Hobbes’ feet fell asleep because his boots are 2 sizes too small. I took some pictures (which won’t appear here because I haven’t set up my blog-writer on the laptop, which is where I download my pictures- this will be remedied…sortofsoonIthink).

But, really, I don’t like to play in the snow. Having thought seriously about it, I really don’t like much about the snow. It makes mud. When the sun shines on it, it’s blinding. It makes mud. I makes it a little unsafe to get out of the house even though we are ALL stuck here because school is cancelled. It makes mud. It makes my dogs crazy. And so on. I mean, it’s pretty for a while. And when it falls at night I LOVE how quiet it is. But then it basically just makes me cranky. Mostly because of the extra laundry and inability to leave the house before lunch time. So I guess I need to keep having babies so I have a good excuse to only go to the porch to take pictures then go back inside.

Anyway, we are done playing in the snow (because I refuse to add to the laundry pile and it’s melting into slushy brown grossness). It’s almost lunch time. Then we can leave the house. Then we can come home and drink wine.




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